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Festivals in Kolkata and Worship Places in calcutta / Kolkata

Festivals in Kolkata - Durga Puja

Major celebration of festivals in Kolkata are Makar Sankranti, new year, Saraswati Puja, Dol Yatra, Bengali New Years Day , Poila Baisakh, mahalaua, Durga puja, Laxmi puja, Kali puja, Sunatani festival.


Festivals in Kolkata - Durga Puja
Durga Puja
Festivals in Kolkata - Durga Puja
Durga Puja

Makar Sankranti (Gangasagar Mela)- January. Every year on this day people from all over India come for Bath in the Ganga.
New Year-1st Jan
Saraswati Puja(Basant Panchami)-February.
In honour of the goddess of learning and music, everybody celebrates this day with fervor.
Dol Yatra or Holi-March
Celebrated throughout the country and also in Bengal men, women and children with colours on this day.
Bengali New Years Day or Poila Baisakh-14th April
On this day Ganesh is also worshipped.
Sacred day for ‘Tarpan’ for the deceased one. Also signals arrival of Goddess Durga.
Durga Puja (October)-Bengali’s greatest festival celebrated for 4 days-Saptami, Astami, Navami and Dashmi.On the last day, the deity with Laksmi, Saraswati, Ganesh and kartikeya are immersed in Ganga.
Laxmi Puja(October)-Celebrated in respect of Goddess of wealth, Laxmi.
Kali Puja/Diwali (October/November)
The city is lit up with candles and the sky showered with fireworks. Goddess Kali worshipped on this day.
Sutanati Festival
Organised by Sutanuti Parishad on 24th August. Calcutta’s Birthday Celebration on this day by state and central govt.


3A,Albert Road,Calcutta-700017
Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture
Society Theosophical
161, AJC Bose Road
8,Udbodhan Lane,Calcutta-700003
Aurobindo Bhavan
8,Shakespeare Sarani,Calcutta-700071
Chaitanya Goudiya Math
35,Satish Mukherjee Road,Calcutta-700026
Bharat Sevasram Sangha
Belur Math
St. Pauls Cathedral
Cathedral Road
Missionaries of Charity
78,AJC BOSE ROAD,Calcutta-700014
Gurdwara Sant Kutiya
10A,Harish Mukherjee Road
Stallone Jewish Synagogue
Synagogue Street,Calcutta-700007
Nakhoda Masjid
Rabindra Sarani
Mahabodhi Society
4,Bankim Chatterjee Street,Calcutta-700012
Digambar Jain Parsanth Temple
1,Baysakh Lane,Calcutta-700007
Armenian Holy hurch of Nazarath
11,Middleton Row,

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