Places to Visit near Gwalior and festivals

Tourist places to visit near Gwalior are Madhav National park, Datia palace (Raja Bir Singh), Jehangir mahal, Orchcha.

Tourist places to Visit near Gwalior are : –

Shivpuri:(112 km from Gwalior)

Places to Visit Near Gwalior - Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park

This quaint little town used to be the summer capital of the Scindia rulers of Gwalior. A natural choice obviously, with its luxuriant forests and hilly environs. There is a National Park here- the Madhav National Park, which not only provides sanctuary to the wildlife but to the avifauna as well.There are beautiful carved cenotaphs erected in memoriam by the Scindia rulers.
Also worth a visit are the Madhav Vilas Palace, George Castle, Bhaidya Kund and Sakhya Sagar Boat Club. Top in the list of places Visit near Gwalior.

Datia(69 km frm Gwalior)

Places to visit near Gwalior Raja Bir Singh Deo Palace

Raja Bir Singh Deo Palace, Datia

Known in Mahabharata as Daityavajra, Datia is known for its seven storeyed palace of Raja Bir Singh Deo. This structure is a unique example of the 17th century architecture. And if you happen to be a temple freak, do visit the Gopeshwar temple. Top in the list of places Visit near Gwalior.




Orchha:(120 km from Gwalior)

Places to Visit near Gwalior - Jehangir Mahal

Jehangir Mahalangir

Lying on the roads to Khajuraho, Orchha is famous for its palaces and temples built in the 17th and 18th centuries. Once the capital of the Bundela Rajputs, later under Mughal rule, some of its palaces contain murals of the Bundela school. Particularly worth visiting are the Jehangir Mahal, built to commemorate Emperor Jehangir’s visit in the 17th century; the Chaturbhuj Mandir and the Laxmi Mandir. Top in the list of places Visit near Gwalior.




The Tansen Magic festival: Tansen is considered the greatest Indian musician. Every year in November and December, renowned artists gather at Gwalior to pay tribute to the legend of music-Mian Tansen.