Places to Visit near Sanchi, Udaygiri caves, Vidisha, Udaipur

Tourist places to visit near Sanchi are Vidisha Ashoka Pillar, Udaygiri caves and Udaipur.

Sanchi has a special place in the history of Buddhism as it was consecrated by early Kushan kings. Emperor Ashoka then replaced the early wooden strutchers by stone and made Sanchi an important seat of Buddhism. It was from here that he sent his son, Mahindra, to Sri Lanka to propogate Buddhism. Sanchi became a seat of Buddhist learning and its monuments, going back 2300 years, are well preserved to this day. The sculptures at Sanchi are some of the most beautiful expressions of Buddhist art in the world.

Tourist Places to visit near Sanchi are : –

tourist places to visit near Sanchi - Udaygiri caves

Udaygiri Caves


Dating back to the 4th-5t century A.D. is a group of caves representative of Gupta art.







VIDISHA (10 km) 

tourist places to visit near Sanchi - Vidisha Ashoka Pillar

Vidisha Ashoka Pillar

Which emperor Ashoka ruled as viceroy. A 2nd century B.C. Hindu shrine shows bricks cemented together with lime mortar, the earliest known use of cement. The Heliodorus Pillar nearby, a monolithic, was erected in 140 B.C. by a Greek who embraced the Hindu religion.








UDAIPUR (90 km) 

It has a colossal temple of Neelkanteshwara of the 11th century.