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Festivals in Bihar, Sonepur Mela, Chath and Art and craft are other attraction in Bihar

Chath puja

Sonepur Mela, Chath and Art and craft are other attraction in Bihar of tourist importance. Major festivals  in Bihar are Chath, Durga Puja.

Sonepur Mela
One of the astonishing cattle fairs to be held in Asia in terms of its size and scale. The sleepy little town of Sonepur (22 km from Patna) is thrown into a frenzy on Kartik Purnima, a fortnight after Diwali as people from all over the world congregate to participate in this huge event. It has all fun and colour of a huge festival and is enjoyed by all.
During the period Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation provides facilities in traditional huts.
Chhath Festival – Festivals in Bihar
festivals in bihar Chath pujaThe festivities accompanying the celebration of freshly harvested paddy and its offerings made to the Sun God have to be seen to be believed. Joy and colour mark the Chhath festivities as thanks are offered to the lord of crops and the creator of the seasons. Devotional songs to the sun god and fasting all day long make the Chhath Festival a day of thanks giving. Devotees walk barefoot in penance to the venue of the celebrations. Lighted earthen lamps are floated down the river at eventide.





Art And Craft
Madhubani paintings are indigenous to the state. The renditions by rural women, these village paintings have a large market in the urban areas as well as on the export front. Created strictly by the women of Mithila, they are etched in primary colours of natural origins on paper and cloth. Their subjects are mythological and religious events.

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