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Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary

gautam buddha wildlife sanctuary

4.5 / 5 ( 32 votes ) Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest and wildlife reserve in the North Indian state of Bihar (Gaya District) and Jharkhand (Kodarma District). The name of the Sanctuary probably comes from the neighboring town of Gaya  also its neighbour Bodhgaya, which are closely related to Buddha and his Enlightenment. The forest of the sanctuary is located on the hill and undulating tracts lying north of the hilly terrain which is an extension of Chhotanagpur plateau. The Sanctuary was established in 1976, and coversRead More

Best Places to visit in Gaya | Tourist Places in Gaya

Tourist Places to visit in gaya - Dungeshwari Hills caves

4.5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Gaya in Bihar is one such place that is close to the heart of those who follow Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Gaya is one of the top tourist destination in Bihar and pulls huge international tourists.     Details of tourist places to visit in Gaya : – VISHNUPAD TEMPLE Vishnupad Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is one of the major  destination for Hindu Pilgrimage.  Located on Falgu River banks, Vishnupad temple is considered to be constructed on Lord Vishnu’s footprints and henceRead More

7 Best Places to Visit in Pawapuri | Tourist Places in Pawapuri

Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri - Samosaran

4 / 5 ( 20 votes ) Pawapuri or Pava is a holy site for Jains Pawapuri located in the Nalanda district in the Bihar state of Eastern India. It is located about nineteen kilometers from Rajgir and 101 kilometers from Patna, the capital of Bihar. Details of Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri : – Jal Mandir A marble temple, the Jalmandir, was later built in the middle of the tank, and is now a major pilgrimage spot for Jains. Jal Mandir marks the spot where Lord Mahavira wasRead More

Nalanda Museum | Nalanda Archaeological Museum

Nalanda Museum

5 / 5 ( 3 votes ) Nalanda Museum also known as Nalanda Archaeological Museum was established in 1917. Nalanda Museum is at the Opposite the entrance to the ruins of the Nalanda university and houses, there is a small but beautiful collection of Buddhist and Hindu bronzes and a number of undamaged statues of the Lord Buddha that were found in the area. Two enormous terra-cotta jars of the first century stand intact behind the Nalanda museum in a shaded enclosure. The collection includes copper plates and stone inscriptions,Read More

12 Best Tourist Places in Bihar, Places to Visit in Bihar

Places to visit in Bihar

4.2 / 5 ( 5 votes ) Bihar is an ancient state in eastern India with a rich cultural heritage. Thus offers variety of tourist places to visit in Bihar. Also very natural mineral wealth, Bihar is a developing state with all sources dedicated towards infrastructure development. Seat of the ancient Indian Empires, Bihar has the national archaeological heritage sites of Nalanda and Vaishali, where ruins of ancient cities can be seen. Naturally beautiful and as yet unexplored- the interiors of the state are home of tribal, some of whomRead More

Best Places to visit in Rajgir, Tourist places in Rajgir

tourist places to visit in Rajgir - hot spring, places to visit near Patna

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Rajgir – The Buddha lived in the sixth century BC, Mahavir was born in 567 BC and the tourists in Bihar will encounter them both constantly. Rajgir is 10 km south of Nalanda and sacred to the memory of the founder of Buddhism and Jainism. Lord Buddha spent many months of retreat during the rainy season here, and used to meditate and preach on Griddhkuta, the ‘Hill of the Vultures’. Lord Mahavir spent fourteen years of his life at Rajgir and Nalanda. ItRead More

Best Places to visit in Vaishali | Tourist Places in Vaishali

tourist places to visit in vaishali - Kundalpur

Vaishali has a past that pre-dates recorded history. It is located in Bihar, India. It is held that the town derives its name from king Vishal, whose heroic deeds are narrated in the Hindu epic Ramayana. However, history records that around the time Pataliputra was the centre of political activity in the Gangetic plains, Vaishali came into existence as centre of industry and trade. Lying on the north bank of the Ganga, it was the seat of the Republic of Vajji. Vaishali is credited with being the World’s First republicRead More

Best Places to visit in Bodhgaya|Tourist places in Bodhgaya

Places to visit in Bodhgaya - Bodhi Tree - Tourist Places to Visit in India

4.7 / 5 ( 3 votes ) Bodhgaya – Serene and quiet this tiny little village, holiest among holy places is Bodhgaya in Bihar, India where the quest of Prince Siddharth was fulfilled after years of seeking the truth and saga of Buddha began. He attained the supreme enlightened and became ‘The Buddha’, the enlighten one. Thus Buddhism was born here under the Peepal tree. The prince had been wandering in search of supreme peace for long six years hither and thither. But it was at Bodhgaya only where hisRead More

Festivals in Bihar, Sonepur Mela, Chath and Art and craft are other attraction in Bihar

Chath puja

5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Sonepur Mela, Chath and Art and craft are other attraction in Bihar of tourist importance. Major festivals  in Bihar are Chath, Durga Puja. Sonepur Mela One of the astonishing cattle fairs to be held in Asia in terms of its size and scale. The sleepy little town of Sonepur (22 km from Patna) is thrown into a frenzy on Kartik Purnima, a fortnight after Diwali as people from all over the world congregate to participate in this huge event. It has all funRead More

Patna | Places to Visit in Patna | Tourist Places in Patna


4.7 / 5 ( 3 votes ) Places to visit in Patna – List of 14 Best Tourist Places in Patna Tourist places Attractions, Things to Do – Golghar, Harmandarji, Jalan Museum, Kumhrar, Martyr’s memorial, Pathar ki Masjid. Patna is capital of Bihar. Details of tourist places to visit in Patna : – Jalan Museum Constructed at the site of Sher Shah’s fort, it preserves a rich private collection of jade, Chinese paintings and silver filigree work of the Mughal period. The museum can be visited only with prior permission,Read More