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10 Best Places to Visit in Ujjain, Mahakaleshwar, Mahakal

tourist places to visit in Ujjain, Vikram Kirti Mandir

Places to visit in Ujjain – List of 14 Best Tourist Places in Ujjain Tourist Attractions, Activities, Things to Do – Navgraha mandir, Gopal Mandir, Vikram Kirti mandir, Ujjain Observatiory, Harsiddhi Temple, Bhartrihari Caves, chintamani Ganesh, Baba Ganesh Ji ka Mandir. Mahakal or Mahakaleshwar is the most important tourist place to see in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. Ujjain is situated on the right bank of River Shipra. It is a veru holy city for the Hindus, a site for the treinnial Kumbh Mela. According to Hindu scriptures, it was originallyRead More