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14 Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

places to visit in Himachal Pradesh - Himachal Pradesh Map

4.5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, India and tourist attractions are Dharamsala, Kangra, Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Keylong & Lahaul, Kaza, Recong and Kalpa, Sangla, Sarahan, Tabo and Spiti. Hills and valleys with crisp, clean air, snow clad peaks, sparkling rivers and a landscape abounding in nature’s bounty characterise this state. Himachal is a tourism friendly state where the simplicity of rural living is visible along with specially developed infrastructure for tourists. Colourful fairs are held all over Himachal to celebrate to the festivalRead More

Dharamsala Trekking routes and Adventure Sports

dharamsala trekking

Dharamsala trekking is a peaceful experience. Himachal is the land of eternal peace, range upon range of mountain peaks , densely forested mountain slopes , undulating foot hills, deep valleys and rushing waters. The sheer spirituality of the experience of scaling these great heights , face to face with untamed nature is ecstatic. Himachal offers a virtual bonanza for the trekkers from the very exotic to soft treks which satisfy the most seasoned of climbers as well as amateur enthusiasts and beginners. The rare flora and fauna , the nearRead More

Places to Visit near Amritsar

Amanat Khan Sarai

Places to visit near Amritsar – List of Best Tourist Places around Amritsar Tourist Places Attractions, Sightseeing,  Things to Do – Taran Taran, Gobindwal Saheb, Amanat Khan Serai, Baba Bakala, Patiala, Dharamsala,  Kangra, Chandigarh. More Details on Places to visit near Amritsar : – Taran Taran (22 km). The pool near this shrine is believed to have curative properties. Gobindwal Saheb (30 km). The final resting place 9samadhi0 of Guru Angad Devji is nearby. Amanat Khan Serai (38 km), It has an ornamental gateway and glazed tile decorations.    Read More