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5 Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh - Madhya Pradesh Map

Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh as tourist attractions are Gwalior fort, Sanchi, Indore, Ujjain, Khajuraho, Kanha Tiger Reserve, Omkareshwar, Mahakaleshwar.

Madhya Pradesh as the name implies, lies in the heart of India and is the biggest state in the country. It consists largely of a plateau , streaked with the hill ranges of the Vindhyas and Satpuras. Innumerable monuments, exquisitely carved temples, stupas forts and palaces, all evoke memories of great empires and kingdoms.


Tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh - Madhya Pradesh Map
Madhya Pradesh Map


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The Heart Of India The Soul Of Romance
Gwalior is a city with a dramatic, colourful history that goes back over a millennia. It’s legendary beginning stems from a meeting between a warrior called Suraj Sen and a hermit, Gwalipa, who lived on the hilltop where the fort stands. It is said hermit cured Suraj Sen of an incurable disease, who as a gesture of gratitude founded Gwalior.
Over the centuries, Gwalior became a city of immense importance and was a continual scene of intrigue and clashes with neighbouring powers. It’s strategic location was patronised by many mighty rulers, making it the birthplace of many dynasties, each leaving its own indelible mark over the city. Gwalior is among top tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.
Today, modern Gwalior is a cauldron of diverse cultures with a distinct princely aura of the days gone by.

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This city derives its name from the 18th century Indreshwar temple. Situated in the heart of the Malwa plateau it was the base of the Holkars, former ruler of this erstwhile state. Indore, in fact was planned and built by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar. Today, it is a throbbing, vibrant city coloured by its brave past. It is naturally endowed with a beautiful landscape and salubrious climate. Pf interests here are numerous monuments associated with the Holkars.

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khajuraho is renowned for its spell-binding, artistically created temples that by a quirk of fate, escaped the onslaught of the Muslim invasion. With divine design that would set that hearts of every avid historian, archaeologists or even a traveller and tourist a flutter, khajuraho’s most attraction are full of rustic charm and architectural splendour.
Yet,set against this backdrop of pristine historical glory, the most modern residential conference venues at khajuraho provides a perfect blend of luxury and comfort coupled with traditional hospitality. They make any conference, convention or meeting a truely memorable experience.
For the foreign conference delegate, who gets a taste of rural India while attending a conference in khajuraho, it is a blissful experience of watching the harmonious union of modern technology and digital systems perfectly working with traditional hospitality and culture in this one-of a kind location in the country.
Conference over, the art aficionado in you takes over, as you can whet your appetite in the superb sculptures and examples of Indo-Aryan art, which portray women in all their glory and mystic beauty.
Check out the virgin jungles of the Panna National Park, just 32 kms. from the location.It’s adventure country at it’s best. Or, take a trip to Chitrakoot, the mythological and pilgrimage centre of interest.
In the realm of temple architecture, khajuraho holds a unique position. The temple were built between 950-1050 AD by the Chandela Dynasty, who claim descent from the Moon god and a mortal, Hemavati with whom god fall in love. Khajuraho is among top tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

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Ujjain is situated on the right bank of River Shipra. It is a veru holy city for the Hindus, a site for the treinnial Kumbh Mela. According to Hindu scriptures, it was originally called Avantika. There is an interesting tale behind the sanctity of the city. It’s origin is ascribed to the mythological legend of Sagar Manthan( churning of the primordial ocean to discover the pot of nectar). The story goes that after the nectar was discovered, there was a chase between the gods and the demons to have the nectar first and thus attain immortality. During this chase a drop of nectar spilled and fell on Ujjain, thus making the city sacred.
Apart from mythological legends, the city has a long and distinguished history. It was governed by the likes of Vikramaditya and Ashoka. Kalidas wrote his soul stirring poetry here.
Today Ujjain represents an interesting blend of an age old legacy and the modern day lifestyle. Ujjain is among top tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

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Sanchi has a special place in the history of Buddhism as it was consecrated by early Kushan kings. Emperor Ashoka then replaced the early wooden strutchers by stone and made Sanchi an important seat of Buddhism. It was from here that he sent his son, Mahindra, to Sri Lanka to propogate Buddhism. Sanchi became a seat of Buddhist learning and its monuments, going back 2300 years, are well preserved to this day. The sculptures at Sanchi are some of the most beautiful expressions of Buddhist art in the world. Sanchi is among top tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

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Tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh
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