Places to Visit near Gangtok, Sikkim, Tourist Places Sightseeing

Bakkhim, Dzongri, Pemayangtse monastery, Rumtek, Tashiding Monastery and Yaksum are tourist places to visit near Gangtok.

Gangtok the capital of Sikkim, emerges through the clouds in the shadow of the mighty Kanchenjunga or Kanchendzonga. The mighty snowcapped Himalayas tower over this charming capital city. The Markets of this Himalayan town offer the tourists an opportunity to mingle with smiling hill folk and Lamas with their play wheels. Gangtok and it’s surrounding are famous for exotic and colourful flowers particularly Rhododendron, Orchids and Blue Poppies. Colourful festivals draws visitors, particularly the Tsechu dance held at the Rumtek Monastery and the Kagyat dance performed by Lamas and Buddhist Monks on different occasions.

Tourist places to visit near Gangtok, Sikkim

Yaksum is the base for Bakkism, an exhilarating place with more than 20 verities of rhododendrons splashing all around the valley. Bakkhim is also the base for mountaineers and trekker going to Dzongri 10 km away.


Tourist places to visit near Gangtok, Sikkim - Dzongri, gangtok, sikkim

Dzongri, gangtok, sikkim

Situated at an altitude of over 3962 metres, it offer the most fascinating view of the Kanchenjunga massif. Just opposite is the Pandium peak (6890 metres) cloaked in thick snow. To the left is thick snow. To the left is the deep gorge of Goeche-la.The sight of sunset at Dzongri is unforgettable. Top in the list of places to visit near Gangtok. Sikkim.

Pemayangtse Monastery
The Pemayangtse monastery-the sublime lotus-is situated at an altitude of 2085 metres and is the second oldest monastery. Rabdentse near Pemayangtse was once the capital of Sikkim. The walls and ceiling of the monastery are painted with brilliantly hued frescoes of gods and demos. The view of mountain range of Kanchenjunga from here is superb. Pemayangtse is an ideal base for trekking to Yaksum. Top in the list of places to visit near Gangtok. Sikkim.

Tourist places to visit near Gangtok, Sikkim - Rumtek, Gangtok, sikkimA 37 km drive from Gangtok in the west through lovely countryside brings you to Rumtek-a monastery of great beauty and significance. When the Chinese occupied Tibet, His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa ,the ninth incarnate of the original Gyalwa Karmapa of Tibet and head of Karmagupa sect of Buddhism, took refuge in Sikkim. The Chogyal of Sikkim welcomed him and gifted him a piece of land to set up a new monastery.And so the beautiful Rumtek monastery was built, an exact replica of the monastery at Chhofuk in Tibet. With its beautiful traditional architecture, carved and painted woodworks, magnificent murals and treasure of manuscript and icons, Rumtek is a splendid example of the Tibetan monastic art in Sikkim. It is one the residence of His Holiness and the headquarters of the Dharma Chakra Religious Center. Top in the list of places to visit near Gangtok. Sikkim.
On the spur of a hill, a short walk from the new monastery stands the old Rumtek monastery which was built in the reign of the fourth Chogyal. It is now entirely renovated and reconstructed and the paintings have been done in the traditional style by a young Sikkimese who learnt his trade from the lamas. A precious relic of the old Rumtek is a stone slab marked with the footprint of Padmasambhava.


Tashiding Monastery
Tourist places to visit near Gangtok, Sikkim - Tashiding, gangtok, sikkimA few kilometers from Pemayangtse is the holiest shrine in Sikkim at Tashiding, also known as Chogyal Lakhang.Tashiding stands on top of a thickly wooded hill and is a day’s trek from Pemayangtse. Every spring, thousands of devout Buddhist trek to Tashiding to participate in a festival and sip the sacred water from an ancient stone jar which, miraculously, never runs dry. Top in the list of places to visit near Gangtok. Sikkim.


Literally means the” meeting of three great lamas”. The first ruler of Sikkim was consecrated by three lamas at this picturesque place. There is also a lovely little lake here.Yaksum is the base for mountain climbing course organised by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.