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Trekking in Sikkim, Gangtok, Sikkim

Trekking, gangtok sikkim

Trekking in Sikkim around Gangtok

Trekking in Sikkim, gangtok sikkim


Trekking Routes – Trekking in Sikkim

Pemayangtse-Dzongri(15 days)
Pemayangtse- Yaksum- Bakkhim- Dzongri- Thangsing- Goeche- La and back.


Pemayangtse-Gangtok(9 days)
Pemayangtse- Yaksum- Tashiding- Brang- Rabongla- Gangtok

Pemayangtse-Gangtok(13 Days)
Pemayangtse- Yaksum- Bakkhim- Dzogri- Thangsing- Arralunguchuk- Tashiding- Gangtok


Naya Bazar-Gangtok(8 days)
Naya Bazar- Hilley- Bersay- Dhap- Dantam- Pemayangtse- Gangtok

Naya Bazar-Pemayangtse(7 days)
Naya Bazar- Hilley- Brang- Kalijhar- Chiwabbhanjang- Dantam- Pemayangtse.



1.(Darjeeling)- Naya Bazar-  Pemayangtse- Yaksum- Kewzing- Navangla- Timittarku- Siwani(Singtam)- Rumtek- Gangtok- Singtam- Rangpo- Teesta(Siliguri)

2.Namche- Naya Bazar- Chakung- Soreng- Burikhop- Burshey- Hilley- Ottrey- Dantam- Burmlok-   Leghip- Tattapani- Sikip- Namche


About Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok the capital of Sikkim, emerges through the clouds in the shadow of the mighty Kanchenjunga or Kanchendzonga. The mighty snowcapped Himalayas tower over this charming capital city. The Markets of this Himalayan town offer the tourists an opportunity to mingle with smiling hill folk and Lamas with their play wheels. Gangtok and it’s surrounding are famous for exotic and colourful flowers particularly Rhododendron, Orchids and Blue Poppies. Colourful festivals draws visitors, particularly the Tsechu dance held at the Rumtek Monastery and the Kagyat dance performed by Lamas and Buddhist Monks on different occasions.



Altitude :                 1547metres
Temperature :           Min           Max
Summer                   13.1C        20.7C
Winter                     7.7C         14.9C
Rainfall :                  44cm
Clothing :
Summer                   Light Woollens
Winter                           Heavy Woollens


Stadium Road


Department of Tourism
Government of Sikim
Gangtok Bazar
Sikkim Tourist Office
S N T Colony
Hill Cart Road
Sikkim Tourist Information Office
Sikim House
Panchseel Marg
New Delhi

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