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Trekking in Kumaon Hills, Trekking routes of Trek points in Kumaon

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Trekking in Kumaon hills. The trekking route of treks can be very fascinating in right season in Kumaon.


The ideal time for trekking in the Kumaon hills is between May to October. Often trekking can also be done in the winter months at lower altitudes.


Pindari Glacier : Among the best known trekking routes this can be combined with Corbett National Park and a Garhwal-Kumaon motor safari, following either the Pindar river from Karnaprayag or returning via Bageshwar in the reverse direction. The trek (2B) starts at Kapkote and over a span of 8-9 days can be linked with visits to the neighbouring Kafni valley. Close-up views of Nadakot, Changuch and Nandaghunti peaks.
Kumaon-Garhwal High Altitude Link : This is the classic route (4C) from the Kumaon roadhead at Munsiari in the Goriganga valley. Skirting the eastern flank of the Nanda Devi sanctuary, the trail continues to Milam and over the Unta Dhura pass entering the Girthi Ganga valley of Garhwal at Malari, roadhead for the tread routes with Tibet, using the Niti Pass and Bara Hoti.
The Gori Glacier : Reaching Munsiari from Almora by road which extends to Lilam (1800 m), the trek (2B) does a 4 day run up to the shout of the Goriganga (3500 m) Glacier, 5 km from the historic Milan village (3000m).

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