Orchids flora destination in Himalayan region at Arunachal Pradesh in India

Get Beautiful orchids flora destination in Himalayan region at Arunachal Pradesh in India

Orchids include blue vanda (vabda cierykea), bamboo orchid, Arundina graminifolia, Dendrobium gibsonii, Coelogyne nitida, Cymbidium elegans and Dendrobium chrysanthum.

 Orchids, Arunachal Pradesh, India, Himalaya, best deason, best time, blue vanda (vabda cierykea), bamboo orchid, Arundina graminifolia, Dendrobium gibsonii, Coelogyne nitida, Cymbidium elegans, Dendrobium chrysanthumThe Himalayan region has been the traditional home of many exquisite varieties of orchids. As this region experiences a wide range of climatic regimes, a mosaic of orchid flora is present here. This region has about 876 orchid species in 151 genera. Sikkim (450) and Arunachal pradesh (550) have the largest number of species in the region.
In Arunachal Pradesh orchids occurnaturally in diverse habitats. In the rich tropical forests of the Tirap district, clusters of the beautiful blue vanda (vabda cierykea) adorn the trees. Their large blue-violet blooms are delicately veined. The bamboo orchid, Arundina graminifolia, a pretty evergreen species with attractive pink- purple flowers is common in open sunny areas near Tipi where an orchid Research Centre boasts of a good collection of orchids. Species like Dendrobium gibsonii with its clusters of beautifully formed yellow flowers can be seen on the trees in the forests along the road from Tipi to Sessa. Sessa, 24 km from Tipi, has an orchid Sanctuary which abounds in a variety of species including the beautiful white Coelogyne nitida (which grows on moss covered rocks), the tree borne yellow, Cymbidium elegans and Dendrobium chrysanthum (bright yellow flowers with two dark reddish brown blotches in the centre) which presents a magnificent sight when in bloom.
Arunachal Pradesh is located along the foothills and the ranges of the Eastern Himalayas. Its amazing natural wealth and beauty- splendid forests, turbulent rivers, snow capped ranges and a rich flora and fauna – its colourful cultures and a friendly people make Arunachal Pradesh a special destination.

Warm summer and cool winters in the foot-hills (e.g. Itanagar, Tipi). Summers are cool in the hills (Bomdila, Tawang) and cold and snowing in the winter.

Best Season
Itanagar : Round the year
Tipi : October To May
Bomdila and Tawang : April To October

Summer : light woollen
Winter : heavy woollen

Bomdila : 8,500 ft.
Tawang : 10,020 ft.

To Tipi, Bomdila, Tawang circuit in the West Kameng and Tawang districts and to Itanagar capital of Arunachal Pradesh.
Tezpur is the most convenient airport for this sector of Arunachal Pradesh with daily flights to Calcutta.
Rangapara is the nearest station. The Arunachal Express links it to New Bongaigaon in Assam (linked to Delhi, Calcutta and other towns around the country). The other convenient railhead is North Lakhimpur in Assam (60 km from Itanagar).
Tipi, Bomdila, Tawang and Itanagar are easily accessible from Tezpur and linked to the major towns of Assam and other north eastern state capitals.

Itanagar has a number of hotels including one from the Ashok group. There is a Forest Inspection Bungalow at Tipi. Bomdila and Tawang have hotels and government circuit houses.

Domestic tourist have to obtain an Inner Line Permit either from the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned districts; Secretary (Political), Itanagar; Resident Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi; or from liaison officers at Calcutta, Guwahati, Tezpur, North Lakhimpur (Lilabari) and Dibrugarh (Mohanbari).
Foreign tourists can obtain Protected Area Permits from all Indian Mission abroad; the Home Ministry, Government of India, Delhi; and the Home Commissioner, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, for a period of 10 days for a group consisting of four or more persons.

Tipi Orchid Research Centre with 500 species of orchids and Orchid Sanctuary, Sessa.

Trekking, hiking and angling in the river Kameng.