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Bike Tour from Kanyakumari to Kashmir


Roshni Sharma made the bike tour from Kanyakumari to Kashmir solo.

Meet the First Indian Female Biker to have Solo Bike tour From Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Roshni sharma rode her first bike at the age of 16, but she didn’t stop at just driving around traffic jams. The love for biking was meant to become an example and inspiration for every female rider in the country who have been underestimated.

When a friend of hers told her about his tour from North India to South India, she was motivated to set on this challenging road trip herself. But no woman in India had ever embarked on such a journey herself, and instead of getting threatened by the record she got excited to change it.

Roshni Sharma, soon became the first Indian woman to ride a motorbike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on a bike tour.

Bike Tour

In her interview with WeNomads she discusses her humble background in Uttar Pradesh where her parents live. And she herself is settled in Bangalore.

The bike tour seems like a great idea but in actuality, decisions such as these often involve minute details and minute to minute planning.

Roshni says,

“I had to know about the routes and weather. I learnt from my friend that only after summers does the Manali pass open. So I had to schedule my journey to after May. Also in June, many parts of Kerala get rain, so I had to push off Kerala from my itinerary completely. Basically in my entire bike tour, I never encountered rain! In fact, to know the routes, I just had to ask people around, talk to them for a better ideas and they were all very helpful!”

Bike tour

But the people she were most worried for, became her ultimate pillars of support and guidance. Be it the locals guiding the way or fellow bikers. Roshni was expecting to meet a lot of sexist remarks and eyebrow-raising at the site of a woman biker, but what she found was a pleasant surprise. As the country embraced her with all it’s warmth.

“As a woman in India, I am hounded around by society as to how it is unsafe to travel in India for a woman. And especially when she’s alone! Hemmed with an uncertain weather in this country, I expected many people to raise their eyebrows at my adventure. My experiences though contradicted my expectations.”


If anything, her stereotype breaking experience of traveling alone in India might give many women the final and much awaited push to pack their bags and stop waiting for people to go with them. The thought is scary but Roshni’s example and first hand experience makes for an inspirational story which had it it’s own doubts, but conquered all. Roshni also believes that the myth about solo women travelers first needs to broken in the minds of the traveler themself.

“I am cent percent sure that a woman can travel alone, for as long a she wants, if she is courageous, confident by herself in our own ways, wise, quick thinking and alert every time. It’s a myth that women cannot travel alone and it’s unsafe.”


Currently,  Roshmi Sharma is ready to lead a women-only, five-day (000kms)long biking trip through the travel operator Viktorianz. The trip is to be from October 1-5 covering the beautiful landscape of Thailand.

She wishes to invite more fellow ladies to join her along on a fun and exciting adventure which will end up giving you not just a memorable experience, but lso friendships that will last a lifetime.


Roshni invites fellow women riders,

“It would be extremely encouraging and upbeat idea, if more women bikers join the magnificent voyage with me. It is totally worth taking this bike tour of a lifetime, paving way to meeting up with like-minded women, riding through unfamiliar paths of Thailand, discovering new and novel experiences that lay ahead, surprises that build lasting friendships, the rush of adrenaline that comes along, many crazy stories to carry forward for the generations ahead to be mesmerized!”

Coming together solely for the love of travel on bikes, this journey is apt for all those who strongly believe that the spirit of a vagabond women should never ever be tamed by any means. Break loose with that bike, is what I say ladies!

Image and quotes sourced from Roshni Sharma’s interview at WeNomads

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