Dharamsala Trekking routes and Adventure Sports

Dharamsala trekking is a peaceful experience. Himachal is the land of eternal peace, range upon range of mountain peaks , densely forested mountain slopes , undulating foot hills, deep valleys and rushing waters. The sheer spirituality of the experience of scaling these great heights , face to face with untamed nature is ecstatic. Himachal offers a virtual bonanza for the trekkers from the very exotic to soft treks which satisfy the most seasoned of climbers as well as amateur enthusiasts and beginners.

The rare flora and fauna , the near clean environment and the culture glimpses add to the trekking in Dharamsala. A trekking holiday could ideally be combined with an excursion into forest or a mountain safari.


dharamsala trekking

Following are Dharamsala trekking routes : –


dharamsala trekking


Dharamsala-Dharamkot-triund-Dharamsala(45 km)

Dharamsala-kahniara-Aghanijar-Mahade-Dharamsala(26 km)

Dharamsala-Chamunda Devi-dadh-Dharamsala(29 km)

Dharamsala-Bhagsunath-Dharamsala 22 km

Dharamsala=Dall lake-Dharamsala(22km)

Dharamsala-Kareri-Dharamsala(35 km).
All these treks can be undertaken in a day by making an early start.Bhagsunath and the Dall Lake lie at a distance of 2 km and 3 km respectively from McLeodganj and can be visited on the same day.


The Kangra Valley’s extensive waterways offer excellent fishing,the best catch being mahseer, a fish which thrives in rapidly flowing water,mali,saul,bachwa,and shingara.
Black bear, goral,ibex, musk deer, snow pheasant, partridge.