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Do’s and Don’ts for Foreign Tourist in India

Dos and donts for foreign tourist in INdia

 This article explains Do’s and Don’ts for foreign travellers in India, Etiquette to follow for foreigners in India and What to do and not to do in India.




Do's and don'ts for foreign tourist in INdia - don't1) All foreign nationals must pay hotel bills in foreign currency cash or traveller’s cheque. This can be Rupees if the visitor has a bank receipt as proof of currency exchange.

2) Exchange money only through authorised banks or money changers.

3) Insist on a receipt when exchanging money.
Retain all receipts to facilitate reconversion of unspent money. on departure of India.

4) Shopping is recommended from government emporia and suggested shops on the list of Ministry of Tourism. Information on these can be obtained from Tourist offices in India.

5) The exportation of most wildlife and their products is either banned or strictly regulated. Export of the few permissible items even as passenger’s personal baggage is allowed only under an export permit.

6) Insist on getting a certificate for the legimate sale of a particular animal product and permission for its exportation to avoid delay and inconvenience on departure from India.

7) Taxies and auto-rickshaws in cities do not all have meters but where they do insist on the meter being flagged in your presence. If the driver refuges o cooperate, seek the assistance of policemen. Always use a pre-paid taxi while travelling from airport to city.

8) In addition, the above fares change from time to time and so will not always conform to readings on the meters. To avoid confusion insist on seeing the latest fare chart and pay accordingly.

9) Check with nearest Government of India Tourism Office to ascertain details of the formalities which may be required.

10) Check with nearest Government of India Tourism Office to ascertain details of the regulations regarding photography at archaeological monuments.

11) Avoid the touts and brokers of shopkeeper.

12) It is obligatory to cover your head before entering Sikh shrine.

13) In case of any difficulty, contact the nearest Tourist office or police station.

14) Concessional tickets such as Indrail Pass on Railways., Youth Fare, Discover India fare, and South India Air Fare( Indian Airlines) are to be purchased in foreign exchange only.


1) Don’t get lured up shopping bargains on the street.

2) Don’t exchange money with unauthorised money changers.

3) Don’t buy travel tickets through strangers or unauthorised travel agents or tour operators.

4) Don’t encourage beggars by giving them money.

5) Don’t buy silver/ivory articles or peacock feathers in bulk.

6) Don’t wear any footwear inside Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Jain places of worship. Some temples do not permit leather articles to be taken in.

7) Don’t wear shorts, sleeveless tops or revealing clothes to places of public worship.

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Do's and Don'ts for foreign tourist in India
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