Assam Festival and places of shopping interest in Assam

Major Assam festival are Durga Puja, Bhogli Bihu, Rongoli Bihu, Kati Bihu, Janamastmi.




Assam Festival - Durga Puja

Durga Puja

The festivities and celebration in the North-Eastern states of India are a colourful reflection of the people and their lives. Throughout the year, festivals are celebrated by different people in different ways, most of them centering around their modes of living and livelihood.
Bhogli Bihu January
Rongoli Bihu April
Kati Bihu May
Janamastmi August
Durga Puja October



Guwahati is the commercial capital of the North East. Its markets are busy and noisy and well stocked, especially with local handicrafts. The places to shop for handicraft and handaloom items include the State Government’s department store, Pragjyotika at Ambari as well as many privately owned shops in Pan Bazar and Fancy Bazar, two of the main commercial markets, that sell a range of items-from muga silk to bell metal, cane work to woolen shawls and elegant Naga and Manipuri jackets.

About Assam :

Assam is the gateway to the North-East located between 90-96 East Longitude and 24-38 North Altitude, Assam is dominated by the mighty Brahamputra river that has its origins in Tibet. Indeed a large part of state is located in narrow valley that the river has created over the ages. The state’s population includes a startling mix of Dravidians and Aryans and Tibeto-Burmans.