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Khetri, Best beautiful village to visit

Khetri in Rajasthan

Khetri is a town in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan in India, situated at the foothills of the Aravalli Range. It is part of the Shekhawati region.




An Open-air Rural art Gallery.
A profusion of typical frescoes, the Geendad dance during Holi and the unmissable camel ride give you a flavour of rural shekhawati.


Khetri in Rajasthan
Khetri Fort

If Rajasthan is endowed with the valorous mantle of India, Shekhawati is its colourful hub. Just as local lore is redolent of heroic deeds, Rajasthani painting displays decorative forms vividly composed in colourful schemes. Be they forts, cenotaphs or temples, nowhere is such a profusion of frescoes to be found as in Shekhawati, sometimes known as the open -art gallery of Rajasthan.
Legends abound here. One of them relates to the medieval chieftain Mokal Singh of Barwara. Attributing the arrival of his heir to the benediction of a certain Sheikh Burhan , the child was named shekha. When the young lad ascended the gaddi with the exalted title of Rao Shekhaji, not many would have predicted his rule to last 43 years. But that is how the region came to be known as Shekhawati, or the garden of Shekha, extending across the districts of Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu in northeast Rajasthan. While the center of Shekhawati power was subject to the vicissitudes of fortune swings from the Rajputs to the British, it was the doughty Marwaris who ensured the survival of the local art form.


Khetri in Rajasthan
Panna tank

Many names on the Shekhawati circuit have attained the top end of the visitor’s priorities. Nawalgarh, Dundlod, Mandawa and Achhmangarh are among these. Somewhat different in feel, just a few hours from Delhi beyond the Mahindergarh district of Haryana , lies the Shekhawati settlement of Khetri.
In the arid rural setting, the ebb and flow of life is best embodied by the camel. In winter the air is crisp and the time is right for savoring the visual delights of Shekhawati. To begin with, a first-hand initiation to the traditional mode of transport is recommended: for a relatively moderate sum, a camel driver will present the opportunity to ride his stately steed. Equally, as one tries one’s hand at ceremonially tying a turban, one notices that the manner in which the spoken word is rendered is truly dignified.
Reputedly the second most wealthy thikana owing allegiance to the old court of Jaipur, Khetri reveals its finest frescoes in the Raghunath temple. From the resident pujari one will learn that even as Shiva and Durga are revered, it is the frolicsome Krishna who holds presiding status in worship. One of the highlights in the religious calendar is the Geendad dance, performed during the colourful, festival of Holi. Within this unique cultural Kaleido scope of forts, art, music, festivals and cuisine, the most enduring Shekhawati images are without doubt its frescoes. Virtually every inch of space in the edifices displays a mastery of technique. The original craftsmen were potters and masons who used vegetable pigments. Re-inforced by mixing in lime water and pound to plaster, the material did not fade and endured harsh climatic variations.


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  • By Air: Nearest airport at Jaipur
  • By Rail: Closest railhead at Jhunjhunu (45 km away)
  • By Road: Delhi (130-140 km away), Jaipur (120 km away)



Heritage hotels, guest houses and hut accommodation is available.


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Khetri, Best beautiful village to visit
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