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Matheran Toy Train | Matheran Hill Station

Matheran toy train in maharashtra - matheran hill station

Matheran hill station in Maharashtra is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for travellersĀ  journey experience with the famous Matheran Toy Train.


Matheran toy train in maharashtra - matheran hill station


The name means “Jungle Head” or “Forest on top” and that is exactly what Matheran is. At 700 feet above sea level, 108 kms from Mumbai, Matheran is situated literally at the edge of the western ghats. With undulating hills cloaked in shady trees. it sprawls over an area of 8 square miles, comprising essentially of a central block and two smaller ridges of wings. Famous for its views, at various points the ground drops sheer to the plains far below, and if the day is clear, one can see not just the surrounding hills but also Neral, star adding the central railway line and in the far distance, Mumbai itself.



Hugh Mallet allegedly “discovered” Matheran in 1850 and its transformation into a popular hill station coincided with the introduction of the very first railway line on the Indian soil. The surveys of the first section of the historic line from Mumbai to Thane commensed in 1850 and three years later the first train steamed out. The Mumbai Times realized the importance of the event and critisized the Governor for not being present.”


Matheran toy train in MaharashtraUnlike the other hill railways, the credit for setting up the railway line to Matheran goes to an Indian. Abdul Hussain son of the business tycoon Sir Adamjee Pheerhoy of Mumbai was a regular visitor to matheran at the turn of the century, After having obtained reluctant consent from his father, young Abdul Hussain camped at Neral in 1900 to plan for the narrow gauge line. The construction of this line was authorised by the public Works Department. Abdul Hussain floated a company with the title of “Matheran Steam Light Tramway Company” with a share capital of Rs.10,00,000/- wholly owned by the Peerbhoy family. Work began soon after and the illustrated Weekly dated 11 th April reported that the work was progressing satisfactorily, “This is a prospect of it being opened in time for the hot weather traffic. The engineering difficulties have been surmounted, substantial work has been accomplished and Mr. Adamji Pirbahi, has the satisfaction that the cost is well within the estimate.” The line opened in March 1907.



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“The passenger carriages, like the Darjeeling ones are tramcars in miniature, with two bunches well upholstered , each divided by arms into three seats. The bogie is roofed, but the front, back and sides are ordinarily open. Only two classes of passengers cars provided and in each train is capable of conveying a hundred passengers with their luggage. The saloon cames from the G.I.P. but all the other rolling stacks was built in Europe.” Illustrated Weekly, May 9th 1906.






Neral to Matheran (Branch Line)

Train Number Neral Aman Lodge Matheran Details
52111 6:40 am 8:24 am 8:40 am Regular
52101 7:30 am 9:12 am 9:29 am Regular
52103 9:00 am 10:46 am 11:00 am Regular
52105 10:30 am 12:11 pm 12:25 pm Regular
52107 12:00 noon 1:46 pm 2:00 pm Only on Saturdays & Sundays
52109 5:05pm 6:46 pm 7:00 pm Regular


Matheran to Neral (Branch Line)

Train Number Matheran Aman Lodge Neral Details
52102 7:00 am 7:10 am 8:35 am Regular
52104 9:45 am 9:55 am 11:35 am Regular
52106 12:50 pm 1:00 pm 2:30 pm Regular
52110 2:05 pm 2:15 pm 3:45 pm Only on Saturdays & Sundays
52108 3:15 pm 3:25 pm 4:50 pm Regular
52110 4:45 pm 4:56 pm 6:30 pm Regular


Neral Matheran Light Train Card Ticket Fare List
Reserved Ticket
2nd Class 1st Class Deluxe Saloon
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child Only for
Rs.50 Rs.25 Rs.65 Rs.40 Rs.265 Rs.160 Rs.1325
Rs.40 Rs.30 Rs.265 Rs.160

Matheran toy train, Tickets for available seats will be issued from Neral and Matheran station counter within 45 minutes before departure of the train.

Narel to Matheran toy train allows each passenger to carry only 5 kg luggage in second class and 7.5 kg luggage in first class with him.

Maximum 4 tickets are issued to 1 person from station counter

Book Tickets Online (Not working from some time)

Enter source station code as NRL & Destination Code as MAE

( Atleast 3 days in advance for online booking)

REMEMBER: In case if you’ve missed the train or couldn’t get the reservation, you can still hire the taxi from Neral and reach Matheran by road in less than 30 minutes.


Charter entire Neral Matheran Toy Train

Type of Charter Coach Composition Trip Tariff
Diesel Engine 2 First Class + 1 SLR Single Rs. 41,045/-
Diesel Engine 2 First Class + 1 SLR Round Rs. 82,090/-

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