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National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi

Famous Museums in Delhi are crafts museum, national gallery of modern art, crafts museum, national museum.

Details of Museums in Delhi : –

The national Museum

Museums in Delhi - National Museum delhiThe prestigious institution houses artifacts from the time of Indus valley civilization(1500 BC) to the present times. Bronze from South India an impressive collection of stone sculpture. miniature paintings, textile, coins and tribal art from part of its extensive collection. Of special interest is the superb Central Asian Gallery that exhibits the silk banners sculpture and wall painting that form part of Sir Aurel Stein’s collection-brought to India in early part of the 20th century. It is major attractions among museums in Delhi.


The national Gallery of modern Art

Museums in Delhi - National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi
National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi

Located in the stately jaipur House the museum has a splendid collection of contemporary art.







National Rail Museum

Museums in Delhi - Rail Museum DelhiThe finest outdoor museum has view a range of locomotives and carriage ranging over the 150 years of the railways in India. A toy train takes children around the Museum. It is major attractions among museums in Delhi.





Craft Museum

Museums in Delhi - Craft museum delhiThe craft museum with its fine collection of textile and artifacts is set in a delightful rustic village complex in Pragati Maidan grounds. Here rural craftsmen come every month from different part of the country to demonstrate their technique and sell their beautiful craft.

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