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Nalanda Museum

Nalanda Museum also known as Nalanda Archaeological Museum was established in 1917. Nalanda Museum is at the Opposite the entrance to the ruins of the Nalanda university and houses, there is a small but beautiful collection of Buddhist and Hindu bronzes and a number of undamaged statues of the Lord Buddha that were found in the area. Two enormous terra-cotta jars of the first century stand intact behind the Nalanda museum in a shaded enclosure. The collection includes copper plates and stone inscriptions, coins, pottery and samples of burnt rice (12th century AD) found among the ruins here.

Nalanda Museum Gallery
Nalanda Museum Gallery

Nalanda Museum is situated near the remnants of Nalanda University remains. The entrance hall of the museum showcases the sculptures from 16th century including those of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Trailokya Vijay, Maitreya, Nagaraja, etc. The remains of Nalanda University found in excavation are also open for public viewing in this hall.

Out of 13463 antiquities, 349 are on display in the four galleries of the museum. The antiquities from Nalanda are datable from 5th to 12th century AD.The sculptures kept in this museum are made of stone, bronzes, stucco and terracotta but majority of those have been carved on Basalt stone. Most of the images belong to Buddhist faith but those belonging to Jaina or Hindu religion are also quite good in number.

Gallery at Nalanda Museum

There are four galleries in Nalanda museum. In first gallery, there are 57 sculptures and images comprising Heruka, Khasarpana, Marichi, Vaishali-miracle, Kubera, Shiva parvati, Rishabhnath and Lakshmi Ganesh.

Nalanda Museum
Nalanda Museum

The second gallery displays 147 objects which includes different elements like stuccos, terracotta, iron inscriptions and implements. The inscriptions on stone are of Purnavarman of Vipul Srimitra, Yashovarma and Nidana Sutta. Terracotta tiles displaying various historical signs like Swastika, Dharmachakra, Kirtimukha etc. are worth viewing.

Third gallery comprises of around 93 specimens of bronze. There are two pictures of Lord Buddha in a posture of blessing. Many other such historical marvels are also displayed here.

In the fourth gallery at Nalanda Museum, there are 36 sculptures made of stone. These sculptures are of Lord Buddha, Lord Vishnu, Padmapani Bodhisattva, Vajrapani and Marichi.

Two massive jars found in Nalanda University are exhibited in a different shed. Ample number of stone sculptures and pictures, bronzes, terracotta, and other antiquarian items are preserved in the collection.

Address: District Nalanda, Bihar
Timing: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed: Friday and public holidays

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