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Places to visit in Agartala, Tripura

tripura, agartala

Ujayanta Palace, Neer Mahal, Kunjaban palace are tourist places to visit in Agartala, Tripura, India.

Tripura accede to the Indian Union in 1949.This ancient land of mysterious past is located in the Northern eastern region of India between 22”56′ and 24”32′ North Latitude and 90”09′ and 92”20′ East Longitude and is bounded on the north, west, south and south-east by the international boundary of Bangladesh. In the east it has a common boundary with Assam and Mizoram.60% of the total area is under hills and forests. Pollution free, co-friendly enviorment and pleasant weather of this panoramic tiny state with an area of 10,500 sq.kms. is inhabited largely by 19 tribes, Benbali, Manipuri and other communities.
Tripura represents a composite culture with several ethnic groups residing in the state. Though the cultural heritage of one community defers from the other, the manifested efforts have mingled them into a single whole, giving birth to a unique cultural genre. Tripure can be termed as a ‘laboratory of exotic cultural synthesis.
Tourist places to visit in agartala, tripuraConsidering the proximity of Tripura with Bangladesh,it is more convenient for foreign nationals to enter Tripura via Bangladesh with an appropriate visa. Those foreign nationals coming to Dacca or other cities of Bangladesh may come to Agartala via Akhuara border check-post. Similarly foreign tourist coming to Tripura by other routes may go back to Bangladesh via this route. If tourists coming via this route intimate the state’s information, Cultural Affair & Tourism Department in advance, either in writing or over the phone, necessary arrangements in this regard can be made. The journey time by road between Dacca and Agartala is approximately 3 hours.


Tourist places to visit in Agartala, Tripura

Agartala, the state capital, is connected by road with Guwahati via Shillong by National Highway No.44 .It takes about 24 hours by road from Guwahati to reach Agartala. There are flight connection as well, with Calcutta and Guwahati.

Tourist places to visit in agartala, tripuraUjayanta Palace
It is a modern building of the royal house of Tripura and is located in heart of Agartala , sprawling over a half sq. km.. This two stareyed mansion has a mixed architecture with three domes (the centre one being 86′ high). The magnificent tiled floor ,curved wooden ceiling and beautifully crafted doors are particularly notable. The palace was built by Radhtalaa Kishore Manikya in 1901.Its well laid out gardens have two large tanks on either side and the fountain are laid out in the patterns of the Mughal gardens. The palace is floodlit at night. Top in the list of tourist places to visit in Agartala, Tripura.


Kunjaban palace
Situated 1 km ahead on a hillock, was constructed in 1917 and named as Pushbanta palace by the then ruler Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya. It is said that the known poet Rabondra Nath Tagore stayed in the eastern apartment of this palace. The southern side is now open to public and is known as Rabindra Kanan, while the rest of the palace is now the official residence of the Governor of the state. Top in the list of tourist places to visit in Agartala, Tripura.



Tourist places to visit in agartala, tripuraA summer resort built in 1930 by the late Maharaja Bibbikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur is about 55 km. away from Agartala. It is built in the middle of a lake called Rudrasagar with a total area of about 5.35 sq. km.. A perfect blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture it is the only lake palace in eastern India. Half of the palace is an open garden used as an open air-theatre and the other half of the western side is called the Andar Mahal, used by the royalty. It had 15 rooms and was approached by boat from Rajghats towards two sets of steps, one for the Maharaja and one for Maharani. Flood Lighting has been used to illuminate the palace. The state Govt. has plans to add a Sound & Light show and introduce water sports to add to the facilities of their tourist resort on the banks of the Rudrasagar. Top in the list of tourist places to visit in Agartala, Tripura.



The festivities and celebration in the North-Eastern states of India are a colourful reflection of the people and their lives. Throughout the year, festivals are celebrated by different people in different ways, most of them centering around their modes of living and livelihood.
Pous sankranti Mela                  January
Garia and Gajan Puja                 April
Ashokastami Festival                    April
Kharchi Puja                                    July
Boat Race                                        August
Orange & Tourism Festival         November



Tripura is known for its exceptional hand woven cotton fabrics with tribal motifs, wood carving, decorative articles made from bamboo roots, bamboo and cane furniture and other exquisite handicrafts. Ideal places to shop in Agartala besides Purbasha, the State Govt. Emporia are Pridarshini, Tantumita, Aitorma and other private shops.

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