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7 Best Places to Visit in Jammu

Places to Visit in Jammu, Bahu Fort

Places to visit in Jammu – List of 14 Best Tourist Places in Jammu Tourist Places Attractions, Things to Do – Vaishno Devi Temple, Bahu Fort, Ranibeshwar Temple, Raghunath Temple, Ranbir Canal, Amar Mahal palace museum.

Amongst the three regions of Jammu & Kashmir State, Jammu perhaps offer the widest diversities of terrain and beauty at the places to visit in Jammu. The entire region is pocketed with lakes and valleys, some still little explored.

The foundation of the settlement of Jammu is attributed to King Jambulochan of the 9th century BC. In 1730 AD, it came under the Dogra rule of Raja Dhruv Deva and Jammu became an important center for arts and culture, now renewed as the Pahari school. religion too, played an important part in its development, so beautifully evidenced in its various shrines and temples spread throughout the region.

Tourist Places to Visit in Jammu are –

1) Ranibeshwar Temple

2) Raghunath Temple (Raghunath Bazar)

3) Raghunath Temple (Purani Mandi)

4) Ranbir Canal

Places to Visit in Jammu, Bahu Fort
Bahu Fort

5) Bahu Fort (5 km)











Places to Visit in Jammu Vaishno Devi
Vaishno Devi

The holy cave shrine of Vaishno devi is situated in a beautiful racess of the Trikuta Mountains forming a part of the lower Himalayas as in the state of Jammu & Kashmir at an altitude of over 5000 ht.. In the cave there are images of three viz. the Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati.
The shrine can be visited throughout the year, but during the winter season the route is often blocked by snow fall. Vaishno Devi temple is on top list of the tourist’s places to visit in Jammu and it draws huge number of devotees every year.

Jammu (62 kms.) is the nearest airport as well as the nearest railway station.
Road: Jammu-Katra 48 kms (by road) and Katra-Vaishno Devi 1 kms. (on foot).


Places to Visit in Jammu Vaishno Devi
Vaishno Devi

Route from Katra to Vaishno Devi:
Katra- Ban Ganga (1.5 km)
Ban Ganga- Charan Paduka (1.5 km)
Charan Paduka- Ardhkumari (3 km)
Ardhkumari- Bhavan (8 km)
The 14 km track from Katra to the shrine has been re-laid and tiles. Railing have also been installed for protection. The 100 feet cave is very narrow with an average height of 5.5 feet only and has ankle deep water. The pilgrims are allowed in batches through the cave. A newly constructed exit makes the process of going out of the shrine easier.
Buses leave for Katra from the General Bus Stand (Jammu), throughout the day. During peak season buses are also available from Jammu-Tawi railway station. Journey time 2 hours. Taxis are also available from Jammu.
7) Amar Mahal Palace Museum


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Tourist Places to Visit in Jammu
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