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Places to visit in Kullu

Tourist places to visit in Kullu Manikaran

Places to visit in Kullu – List of 14 Best Tourist Places in Kullu Tourist Attractions, Activities, Things to Do – Raghunathji Temple, vaishno devi temple, Jagannath temple, Bijli Mahadev temple, kaishdhar, Bajeshwar Mahadev, Kasol, Manikaran, Largi, pulga and khirganga, banjar, shoja, Raison, Katrain, Naggar, Malana are the tourist places to visit in Kullu, Himachal, India.


Tourist places to visit in Kullu

Details of Places to Visit in Kullu : –


Raghunathji Temple

1 km. Raghunath is the principal deity of the valley.

Vaishno Devi Temple

4 km. A small cave enshrines an image of goddess Vaishno. Other temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Rama and Krishna.

Jagannath Temple

3 km.A stiff climb leads one to the shrine from where one gets a panoramic view of Kullu town.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

Tourist places to visit in Kullu, Bijli Mahadev Temple
Bijli Mahadev temple

11 km.One of the most striking temple(2,435 m) in Kullu where a 20 m tall staff is supposed to attract special blessings from the skies in the shape of lightning. It affords a magnificent view of Kullu and Parvati valleys.






16 km. A delightful spot(2,300 m) for a quiet holiday where one can commune with nature. Many walks in the neighbourhood forest.

Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple

 Tourist places to visit in Kullu bajeshwari mahadev temple
Bajeshwari Mahadev Temple

(Bajaura) 15 km. The pyramidical temple(9th century AD) is embellished with wonderful carving its stone and sculpture decorations. The three large image slabs in the exterior are of a high order of sculpture in the Indian classical (shikara) style. Top in the list of Tourist places to visit in Kullu.








Places to visit in Kullu, Kasol

42 km. Also known as Mini Israel. Situated on the Banks of Parvati river, Kasol, in the Patvati Valley, makes a good holiday destination. Charmingly located in an open space which slopes down to a broad expanse of clear white sand at the edge of river. The place is known for trout fishing. Top in the list of Tourist places to visit in Kullu.






Tourist places to visit in Kullu Manikaran
Manikaran Hot spring

45 km. On the trekking route to Pulga and pin Parvati pass, Manikaran is famous for its hot spring. Thousands of people take a dip in its hot water. The water is so hot that pulses, rice etc. can be boiled in it.It is a well known pilgrimage centre and there is an ancient Hindu Temple and a Gurudwara also. According to a legend, Manikaran is also associated with Lord Shiva and his divine consort, Parvati, who lost and found her earring here. Top in the list of Tourist places to visit in Kullu.





34 km. South of Kullu at an elevation of 957 m, this is a small hamlet providing excellent trout fishing. A rest house is located in the stunning position of an angle between the foaming torrents of the river Sainj and Tirthan, before they join the Beas a hundred metres below. The place is patronised mostly by anglers.

Pulga and Khirganga

Tourist places to visit Phulga

16 km. A stiff march takes one to the restful solitude of the forest rest house whose immediate enviorment affords a sylvan and peaceful retreat for body and mind.
The Tos Nullah, which branches off from the main Parvati valley, is well worth exploration by those who favour the wider aspects of natural scenery and prepare to camp out.







58 km. An excellent spot(1,534 m) for trout fishing in Tirthan river. The famous temple of Shringi Rishi is located here in whose honour a fair is held every year in May.


13 km. From the Banjar PWD Rest house(2,650 m) on the Kullu side of the Jalori Pass. It is located in a setting of marvellous scenic surroundings.


16 km.On the way to Manali, it is an ideal site at an elevation of 1,443 m for spending a quiet holiday in solitary and for holding youth camps and rallies.


20 km. The central and the widest part of the valley on the way to Manali and at a height of 1,463 m. Apple prchards, a fruit Research station and a trout hatchery lend prominence to the place. Top in the list of Tourist places to visit in Kullu.


78 km. On the left bank of Beas and about 3 hundred metre above the river, Naggar is delightfully situated on a wooded slope and commands an extensive views, especially of the north west of the valley. It is an excellent place for a longer stat. Naggar was the capital of Kullu Rajas for about 1400 years. There are a large number of famous temples in and around Naggar. Artist Nicholas Roerich’s art gallery is also worth a visit. Cars and Jeeps can easily go up to the Naggar Castle which is now Himachal Tourism’s well furnished Hotel Castle. Top in the list of Tourist places to visit in Kullu.


28 km. Up to Naggar by bus and then 20 km on foot. A little ahead of the beautiful Chandrakhani Pass lies the tiny village of Malana, famous for the temple of Jamlu and its distinct social and cultural life. Reputed to be the oldest democracy in the world an existence where all the inhabitants of the village take part in managing its affair. An exciting place for trekking. Top in the list of Tourist places to visit in Kullu.

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Tourist places to visit in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India
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