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Chaturbhuj Temple


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tourist places to visit in khajuraho

There are ancient temples ans sculptures in places to see in Khajuraho.A UNESCO world heritage site in central India, Khajuraho is a famous tourist and archaeological site known for its sculptured temples. Khajuraho is situated in Madhya Pradesh, india. The Splendour of Khajuraho – Places to see in Khajuraho The WESTERN GROUP   The Varaha Temple of Khajuraho dates back to the 10th century and is dedicated to the third incarnation of Vishnu, the preserver in the form of a boar (Varaha). It is among top of the list ofRead More

Khajuraho Temple Monuments UNESCO World Heritage Site in Madhya Pradesh, India

Khajuraho Monuments, Madhya Pradesh, India

4 / 5 ( 5 votes ) Khajuraho Temple Monuments are UNESCO World Heritage Site in Madhya Pradesh, India. and it drives huge Indian and foreign tourists to this place. Chitragupta Temple, Kandariya Mahadev temple, Lakshmana Temple, Varaha Temple, Matangesvara Temple, chausath yogi temple, Jain temple, Parsvnath temple, Adinath Temple, Ghantai(Bell) temple, Javari Temple, Vamana Temple, Brahma Temple, Hanuman Temple, Shanti Nath Temple, Devi Jagdambe Temple, Duladeo Temple and Chaturbhuj Temple are major Khajuraho temple. Khajuraho temple is famous for its erotic pictures and sculptures. KHAJURAHO TEMPLE, GROUP OF MONUMENTSRead More