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Places to Visit in Aizwal, Mizoram

dampa, aizwal, mizoram

Museum at Macdonald’s Hill, Mizoram State Museum, mini Zoological Garden, Durtlang  Hills, bung, paikhai,Dampa Sanctuary are tourist places to visit in Aizwal, Mizoram.

Mizoram ,predominantly a Christian populated state, is towards the south most tip of the North-Eastern States, sharing borders with Manipur, Assam, Tripura then jutting down between Myanmar and Bangladesh.
The word Mizo means highlander , a collective name given by their neighbours to a number of tribes which settled in the area. They are originally believed to have come from North-Western China and gradually pushed themselves towards their present Homeland less than 300 years ago. The state has thick bamboo forests. rivers run in narrow ribbons that seem to be challenging onlookers to plunge in for some adventure and excitement. The hill ranges running in north-south direction are resplendent with green vegetation throughout the year. The highest peak, Phawngpui (meaning vast meadows) known as Blue mountain a garden of rhododendron of arboreum and veitchianum species is 2,065 mtrs(7.110 t.) and the average height height of the hills is around 1,000 mts. There are a number of a hilly streams which murmur through idyllic scenario.
Tourist places to visit in Aizwal, Mizoram dampa, aizwal, mizoramThe mizos boast of number of folk and community dances that have been handed down over the generations.It is in these dances that the visitors can get glimpse of the tribal heritage of the Mizos in all its exotic hues. Most important of these dances are Cheraw (the bamboo dance), Khuallam Solakia and Chheih Iam. Interestingly, none of these dances where intended for the stage-they evolved through community involvement and participation.
Perhaps because of through influence of nature, The Mizos love flowers. Every house seems decorated with orchids and pots of geranium, begonia and balsam apart from over a thousand verities of medicinal plants which grow wild here.


Tourist places to visit in Aizwal, Mizoram

The state capital Aizawl is located at an altitude of 4000 ft. above sea level. It is accessible from Shillong, Guwahati and Silchar by bus, by road and by car. Standing on the high ridge surrounded on the east by the deep green valley of river Tlwang, with its lush green deep valleys and on the north protected by beautiful high craggy hills of Durtlang, it stands like a high citadel. An ideal hill station for those looking for fresh air and solitude.
Places of interest in Aizawl include the Museum at Macdonald’s Hill. The Mizoram State Museum is small but a rich treasure house of historical relics, ancient costumes, exquisite artifacts and traditional implements.
Tourists must visit the mini Zoological Garden and Durtlang  Hills, the northern most part of Aizawl.

Tourist places to visit in Aizwal, Mizoram (Near By Places)


Bung(15 km) and Paikhai(16 km, adjacent to each other are cool breezy places for a days recreational jaunt. 85 kms. from Aizwal ,near Saituai village amidst virgin forest lies in a natural lake, ideal place for picnic spot, the lake has boating facilities to add to its appeal. Just 137 km from Aizwal and 5 kms. from the idyllic town of Thenzawl are the Vantawng Waterfalls. The waterfalls is 750 feet high and is surrounded by a lush green tropical forest filled with bamboo groves. Travel 204 kms from Aizwal to the other end of Mizoram and reach Champhai, the sub divisional headquarters. From here you can get an ideal view of the Myammar hills, in formation like an Army drill line-up. If you are a lover of natural beauty, visit Lunglei, a district Headquarter town of south Mizoram,235 kms. from Aizwal.



Tourist places to visit in Aizwal, Mizoram dampa, aizwal, mizoram

Inhabited by swamp deer, tiger, leopard, elephant and hoolock gibbon, Mizoram can boast of a variety of wild life in the Dampa Sanctuary, established in 1976, at the north-western tip of the Mizo hills. Accommodation is available at Govt. guest houses. Best period to visit the sanctuary in November to March. Top in the list of tourist places to visit in Aizwal, Mizoram.



The festivities and celebration in the North-Eastern states of India are a colourful reflection of the people and their lives. Throughout the year, festivals are celebrated by different people in different ways, most of them centering around their modes of living and livelihood.
Chapchar Kut        Feb./March
Mim Kut                Aug./Sept.
Pawl Kut                Dec./Jan.



If you have come to Mizoram, you must buy the Khumbeu ceremonial bamboo hat that id made of waterproof wild Hnahthial leaves. Bara Bazaar is the main shopping centre of Aizwal, where all the handicrafts and handloom articles (shawls, textiles, bags and fine bamboos) are available. A visit to the State Govt. and Handloom Emporium is also advisable for genuine, quality and variety of artifacts compared to the open markets in the capital. You can buy traditional Mizo handicrafts and other utility items here.Apart from this are New Market, Ritz Market, Bazaar Bungkawn, Thakthing Bazaar, Burma Lane and Solomon cave.

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