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Bhagalpur is a city and a municipal corporation situated on the southern bank of the Ganges in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the third largest city in Bihar and the largest city in eastern Bihar.


Tourist places to visit in Bhagalpur - Remains of Vikramshila University

Remains of Vikramshila University


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 Remains of Vikramshila University

Tourist Places to visit in Bhagalpur - Remains of Vikramshila University

Remains of Vikramshila University

Situated 38 km from Bhagalpur. The ruins of the Vikramsila university which flourished from 9th century CE till 13th century CE. It was established by the Dharmapala from Pala dynasty. This Buddhist University had more than hundred teachers and above thousand students. Subjects like theology, philosophy, grammar, metaphysics, logic etc. were taught here but the most important branch of learning was tantrism.

A huge square remain of the main double storied stupa with a cruciform structure in its centre, a library building and cluster of votive stupas have been excavated. To the north of monastery a number of scattered structures including a Tibetan and a Hindu temple have been found. The entire spread is over an area of more than hundred acres.

The highly decorated terraces with the mouldings and terracotta plaques testify the excellent and skilful art practices during Pala dynasty. A structure attached with the monastery is identified as library that was air conditioned by the water of the adjoining lake through the vents, presumably to restore the delicate manuscripts.

Tourist Places to visit in Bhagalpur - Remains of Vikramshila University

Remains of Vikramshila University

Fa Hein and Hieun Tsang mentioned this place in their writings. The excavated remains of the glorious past can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. It still attracts the scholars and learners like it used to attract in the past. It hosts the Vikramshila Mahotsav, a festival held in February every year. You can go to forest area and boating on the bank of river Ganges for breathtaking views. It is top in the list of places to visit in Bhagalpur.

The huge pillars broken and carrying the charred black marks tells a lot to the spectator. Once upon a time the connecting passages, the votive stupas, the wide stone step ways bustled with the monks coming from far and wide to learn the theories of Buddhism. It is not difficult to guess the sense of pride felt by those who were connected with such an esteemed institute.

Entrance Fee:
Citizens of India and visitors of SAARC (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives and Afghanistan) and BIMSTEC Countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka,

Thailand and Myanmar) – Rs. 5 per head.
US $ 2 or Indian Rs. 100/- per head
(Free entry to children up to 15 years)



Tourist places to visit in BhagalpurThis temple known as Vasupujya Jinalaya with the shrines of Shantinath and Mahavira Jina among other shrines is considered very sacred by Jains as it is believed that the 12th Tirthankara Vasupujya was born at Nathnagar. So it is also called as the Digahambar Jain Siddha Khsetra.

The enormously ornamented entrance is built with a large decorative dome. The ceiling of which illustrates the Jain mythical world of Jambu Dweep decorated with glass pieces. On the left a large passage walls are beautifully decorated with glass painting illustrating the Harivansh Purana texts.

The ‘Pracheen Mulvedi Jinalaya’ and the Dwarpalas on the doorways are quite remarkable. The two magnificent Keerti Stambhas in this temple are fabulously decorated with colourful tiles. It is top in the list of places to visit in Bhagalpur for Jain pilgrimage.


Mandar Hills

Tourist places to visit in Bhagalpur - Mandar hills

Mandar Hills

This 800 ft high granite hill, located 45 km southwards of Bhagalpur, has been mentioned in Hindu mythology. Mandar Hills is believed to be used by the gods during the churning of the oceans using the serpent as a rope, to get ‘Amrit‘ (nectar). Lord Vishnu killed a demon here and his footprints could be seen at various places. Filled with relics of bygone ages, it is surrounded by numerous rock cut sculptures depicting Brahmanical images and inscriptions. It is the very place where the 12th Jain Tirthankar attained nirvana. Mandar hill station is located 3 miles from Mandar hill. It is top in the list of places to visit in Bhagalpur for Hindu pilgrimage.


Vasupujya Swami Jain Temple

Tourist places to visit in Bhagalpur - Vasupujya Jain Temple

Vasupujya Jain Temple

It is situated near the main marketplace junction of Champanagar

This place is revered by the Swetambara sect of Jain devotees. This is a modern temple thoroughly decorated with marble inlay work and coloured ceramic tiles. The shrine of Shantinath is also very well decorated with stain glasses. It is top in the list of places to visit in Bhagalpur for Jain Pilgrimage.






Tourist places to visit in Bhagalpur - Ajgaivinath


It is located near Sultanganj, 39 km from Bhagalpur.  This Shiva temple is believed to be built around 16th century by Harinath Bharati. In the Shravan festival lacks of people visit the temple and collect the Ganga water to proceed further to Deoghar (Shiva temple in present Jharkhand) to offer the same. The myth of river Ganga being seized here by a curse of the sage Janhu and later getting released by the penance performed by king Bhagirath makes this place an important pilgrimage. It is top in the list of places to visit in Bhagalpur for Hindus.


Colganj Rock Cut Temple

Tourist places to visit in Bhagalpur The ruins of the glorious past that remained under the patronage of the Gupta Empire from 5th to 6th century are depicted in the walls and rock cut cravings of Colganj temple. An impressive collection of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain deities, these artistic etchings have been excavated from Sultanganj and Kahalgaon in Bhagalpur. According to the legend, they belong to the time of the great emperor Asoka. It draws the archaeological monument experts from India and abroad to study the art of rock craving of ancient India. It is top in the list of places to visit in Bhagalpur.




Tourist places to visit in Bhagalpur Sultanganj is 28 km west of Bhagalpur situated on the bed of river Ganges. During the peak month of July-August, it is visited by pilgrims to collect the holy water of north-flowing Ganges. After a walk of 80 km on their bare feets on the trek from Sultanganj to Deoghar, they arrive at lord Baidyanath temple in Deoghar and offer this holy water to the deity. It is famous for rock cut cravings and Baba Ajgaibinath temple. In 1861 a stupa which had a massive bronze statue of Buddha at Abhaymudra, was excavated. It is now preserved in Birmingham city museum, England. It is top in the list of places to visit in Bhagalpur for Hindus.




Tourist places to visit in Bhagalpur - Kuppaghat


Kuppa‘ means a tunnel or cave and ‘ghat‘ means located on river bank. There is a cave at Kuppaghat where Maharishi Mehi practised the Yoga of Inner Sound for several months. Now it is an ashram with beautifully laid garden, orchid and decorated with sculptures, paintings and quotes of mythological importance. The ashram hides an old passage which leads to various destinations. It can be visited only with an attendant. On special occasions like Guru Purnima, it draws thousands of devotees rejoicing in a celebratory environment. It is an ideal place to spend the evening.

True to its name, apart from being one of the major educational and commercial centers of eastern India, Bhagalpur is home to a large number of tourist attractions.

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