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Places to visit in Jamnagar / Dwarka, Tourist Places Sightseeing

Shradha Peetha, Dwarka

Lakhota Fort, kotha bastion, porbandar, Dwarka, jagat Mandir, Sharada Peetha are places to visit in Jamnagar.

Details of tourist places to visit in Jamnagar : –

tourist places to visit in Jamnagar district - Lakhota Fort, Jamnagar
Lakhota Fort, Jamnagar

Lakhota Fort

It is a museum with collection of sculptures from 9th to 18th century.

Kotha Bastion

It is an old well where the water can be drawn by blowing into a small hole in the floor.
Other places of interest are Solarium, Jansahed’s Palace and Rozi & Bedi Ports.


South of Dwarka, on the western coast, Porbandar is a picturesque old sea port associated with the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. There is the mid-18th century Gandhi Home, where Gandhiji was born in 1869. The three storeyed, 17 room house remains unaltered.


The most important spot on the Saurashtra coast, where river Gomti meets the Great Arabian Sea lies Dwarka. Renowned in myth and legend, Dwarka was once the capital of Lord Krishna’s empire. He is believed to have settled here after leaving Mathura, thousands of years ago. The site is undoubtedly ancient but its association with Lord Krishna gives it a sanctity which draws millions of pilgrims. In times gone by, it was a seaport from where goods were borne to the Mediterranean world. the city was also the gateway of western India. Top in the list of tourist places to visit in Jamnagar district.

Places to Visit (Dwarka)

Jagat Mandir

tourist places to visit in Jamnagar district - Jagat Mandir, Dwarka
Jagat Mandir, Dwarka

Dwarka, is famous for the temple of dwarkadish, ‘the Lord of dwarka’, also known as Jagat Mandir or temple of the world. Constructed over 1400 years ago, the temple houses the image of lord Krishna and draws pilgrims from all over India and abroad. Magnificently built on traditional lines, the temple has five floors and is profusely carved from base to pinnacle. the festival of Lord Krishna’s birth is celebrated there every year in the auspicious month of Shravan with great splendour. The festival of Navratri too is celebrated with great rejoicing. Top in the list of tourist places to visit in Jamnagar district.



The Sharada Peetha

tourist places to visit in Jamnagar district - Shradha Peetha, Dwarka
Shradha Peetha, Dwarka

This is one of the four Mathas established by Jagatguru Shankracharya, all of which survive to this day. The Matha runs an educational society, an arts college and a Sanskrit Academy, which prepares scholars for doctorates in Sanskrit and Indology. Top in the list of tourist places to visit in Jamnagar district.

Other Shrines & Temples

There is a popular temple dedicated to Rukmini, Lord Krishna’s wife, who is considered an incarnation of Lakshami, Goddess of wealth and beauty. There are also temples dedicated to Mirabai and Narsihh Mehta, which are visited by those who go to Dwarka on a pilgrimage.

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