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15 Best Places to visit in Jodhpur

Places to visit in Jodhpur – List of Best Tourist Places in Jodhpur Tourist Places, Tourist Attractions, Sightseeing,  Things to Do – Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan, Jaswant Thada, Old Fort Museum, Umaid Museum, Government Museum, Zoo, Jai Narayan Vyas Town Hall Art Gallery, Rajasthan Sangeet Natak academy, Umaid Bhawan Gallery, Guda Bisnoi, Osian, Nagaur, Saila, Sardar Samand Lake & Palace and  Dhawa.

The origin of Jodhpur is antiquated in Mahabharata. It finds mention as northern Marwar in Jangladesh.
Since the 13th century, it has been knownas Marudesh or Marwar-a desert of sand made immortal by the Rathores.
Interestingly, Rathores claim direst descent from the epic-hero Lord Rama. The last ruler-still alive-is 41st in direct line of succession.
It was 1459 A.D. that Rao Jodha, the chief of the Rathore clan of Rajputs built the city.Today two forts-one a fairly medieval and the other a marvel in modernity-mark the city.
Jodhpur on eastern fringe of the Thar desert has the distinction of neither being in the Thar desert nor out of it. At best, it is a doorway of the wonder world of sand dunes and shrubs, rocky terrain and thorny trees. A ten kilometre long high wall protect the most imposing and striking fort of Jodhpur. The city, with its exquisitely decorated stately palaces, fine buildings and gracious mausoleum and temples is also the second most important city and business centre of Rajasthan after its capital, Jaipur.

Tourist Places to Visit in Jodhpur :

Tourist Places to visit in Jodhpur - Umaid Bhawan
Umaid Bhawan

Umaid Bhawan

Tourist Places to visit in Jodhpur - Umaid Bhawan
Umaid Bhawan

2 km.The palace, though situated atop a hill, has an uncanny resemblance to Taj Mahal. It was built at a cost of Rs..5 crore between 1929 to 1942 as a succour to famine-stricken people of the city.
One of the most modern palaces designed by H.O.Lanchester and J.R.Lodge- the president of the Royal Institute of Architects, London-it has the impact of New Delhi.
Extending across 26 acres,15 of which are taken up by gardens, the palace is 195 metres long and 103 metres wide. It has been raised purely of rose colour sandstone.
The central dome has an inner concrete shell 32 metres high while the other one is ashlar sandstone 24.38 metres higher than the former one. Beneath is a swimming pool. Among top in the list of tourist places to visit in Jodhpur.
At present the palace is partly the residence of the erstwhile royal family, partly a museum and a partly a popular rated hotel.


Mehrangarh Fort

Tourist Places to visit in Jodhpur - Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh Fort

5 km. The impregnable fort, 121 metres above the surrounding plains, was built by Rao Jodha in 1459 AD. The walls are 6 to 36 metres high and 3 to 21 metres wide. Steeply scraped on the south where the palace stands on an imposing perpendicular cliff, it has two entrances, Fateh Pol in the west and Jai Pol in the north-east. Marks of cannon balls fired by invaders can still be seen. There are several cenotaphs commemorating the sacrifices of the brave Rajputs.
There are also hand-prints of ‘Satis’ who immolated themselves than face dishonour of being taken captive. There are 360 different lattice designs in the fort and a coronation seat.
Except for the founder of Jodhpur-Rao Jodha,all rulers of the city were crowned here. The exquisite palaces are adorned with beautifully carved panels, latticed windows and pierced screens of red sandstone. The three ‘mahals’ to be seen are deepak Mahal,Chandra Mahal and Jhanki Mahal. There are two section-Palki section and elephant haunda section. And four ‘Vilas’-Umaid, Takhat, Ajeet and maan. All these jointly comprise the museum. Among top in the list of tourist places to visit in Jodhpur.
Timing Summer 0800-1800 hrs.
Winter 0800-1630 hrs.
Jaswant Thada

Tourist Places to visit in Jodhpur - Jaswant Thada
Jaswant Thada

5 km.A pure white marble memorial built by the widowed Maharani of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II in 1889.Several cenotaphs abound at the site.
The memorial is at present the exclusive preserve as a crematorium for the erstwhile-royalty. The stir is world famous for rare 15-cm thick, pure dazzling slabs of white marble. The genealogy of the ruler of Jodhpur accompanies their portraits in a hall here.
The memorial has cenotaphs of four successive rulers- Sardar Singh, Sumeer Singh, Umaid Singh and Hanuwant Singh.

Among top in the list of tourist places to visit in Jodhpur.
Timing 0800-1600 hrs.
No entry fee.


Government Museum And Zoo
The museum is amidst a park and zoo. The latter is known for its rare varieties of exotic birds, spaecially the rare great Indian Bustard. The museum offers an impressive array of armoury, textiles, stuffed hunted trophies and sculptures excavated from Mandore, Kiradu, Osian, Bhinmal, Sanchore and Nagaur.
Timing :0900-1700 hrs.
Closed on Friday and government holidays.
Umaid Museum

Tourist Places to visit in Jodhpur - Old Fort Museum
Old Fort Museum

A part of this palace has been converted into a museum. It has a rare gallery of old clocks and watches, books, hunting trophies, scrolls, royal treatises and a decorated Durbar Hall. Among top in the list of tourist places to visit in Jodhpur.
Timing :0900-1700 hrs.
Old Fort Museum
It is by far the most fascinating palace museum in the world.On display are royal palanquins; elephant-back gold and silver embroidered seats,especially a pure silver one gifted by emperor Shah Jehan to Maharaja Jaswant Singh I.
There are wooden racks with reflective mirrors;a wall painting of Veer Durgadas by a German,A.H.Muller. Rated as a wonder, there id a 3-D visual effect painting of Maharaja Sardar Singh.
The museum also houses a golden throne of Persian origin; the well preserved bedroom of Maharaja Takhat Singh and a pair of pearl-stubbed shoes of Anara Begum,a concubine. Among top in the list of tourist places to visit in Jodhpur.
Timing summer 0800-1800 hrs.
winter 0900-1630 hrs.



Jai Narayan Vyas Town Hall
High Court Road

Rajasthan Sangeet Natak academy
A Road,Poata

Umaid Bhawan Galleries
Umaid Bhawan Palace


Details of tourist places to visit near Jodhpur


65 km.An ancient town in the Thar famous for sand dunes and bullocks and having a cross between Hindu and Jain temple architecture. The temples date back to the 8th to 11th centuries certifying that in olden times, Osian fell. On the famous Oriental trade route. Famous amongst temples are the Surya Temple, Mahavir Jain temple and Sachiya Temple of the 12th century.
Guda Bishnoi

tourist places to visit near Jodhpur - Guda Vishnoi
Guda Vishnoi

15 km. A community village of the Bishnois who hold killing of any animals a crime-it is a sight to see blackbuck and chinkara freely moving in herds unmoved by human presence.





tourist places to visit near Jodhpur - Dhawa Wild Life Sanctuary
Dhawa Wild Life Sanctuary

45 km. It is a wildlife sanctuary on the Jodhpur-Barmer road. Also known as Doli sanctuary, it has the largest head count of Indian antelope. Blackbuck and spotted deer are said to be about 3,500 in number and the Bishnois protect them from poachers even risking their own lives.
Accommodation Available: Two huts of the Forest Department. Top in the list of tourist places to visit near Jodhpur.
Reservation: District Forest officer, Poata circle, Ajmer Road, Jodhpur.

Sardar Samand Lake & Palace

tourist places to visit near Jodhpur - Sardar Samand Lake and Palace
Sardar Samand Lake and Palace

55 km. An oasis literally approached by an exquisite drive through a hospitable country. Two Villages-Jhalamand and Goora-are worth a stop for hospitality and photography. The area has chinkara and blackbuck. Top in the list of tourist places to visit near Jodhpur.

74 km. Situated on the Jodhpur-Nagaur road,it is famous for a ‘Sabha Mandap’-congretional Hall of a Shiva Temple, symbolising a rare school of architecture with carved pillars.



tourist places to visit near Jodhpur - Nagaur

135 km. The legendary hero Amar Singh Rathore once ruled the place. Nagaur has an imposing fort rich in murals and is known for a special breed of bullocks and camels. The cattle fair held in January-February every year attracts buyer from all over the country. It lasts for a week or so.




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Best Places to visit in Jodhpur
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