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Best Places to Visit in Kushinagar

tourist places to visit in Kuchinagar tourist attractions

Kushinagar is one of most holy Buddhist site and tourist attraction. It is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh around NH-28, and is 52 km east of Gorakhpur city.The Shakyamuni, Gautam Buddha breathed his last (Mahaparinivarana) at Kushinagar. The passing away of the Buddha at Kushinagar provided not only the grand finale to the depiction of the story of the Great Teacher but also created a new architectural form in India – the Stupa. Entombing the relics of the Buddha or his leading disciples, the stupas can be described as the earliest mausoleum in India. Kushinagar, thus, occupies a milestone position in the story of Indian architecture and also in Buddhist lore. Since the day the Buddha breathed his last, emperors, kings and commoners have venerated Kushinagar as the place where Tathagata, the Reciter of Truth, passed away.


tourist places to visit in Kuchinagar tourist attractions


Stupas, Chaityas and Viharas were built by mournful, devoted kings, while time ruthlessly saw them deserted and defaced. Chinese pilgrim Fa Hein came here nine centuries after the Great Decease and found the place deserted but for some monasteries and ruins of Stupas. A century later came another Chinese traveller, Hiuen Tsang and left behind a graphic account of the desolate Kushinagar and its environs. A generation later, a third Chinese pilgrim, I. Tsing followed their footsteps, only to further document the decay and degradation. One thousand years later, following the clues provided by the travelogues of the three Chinese travellers and other archival evidence, Sir Alexander Cunningham, archaeological surveyor, systematically and painstakingly excavated and exposed the Buddhist treasures the soil of Kushinagar bore since the great Teacher walked on it.


Kushinagar Tourist Attractions


  • tourist places to visit in Kuchinagar tourist attractionsNirvana Temple : – The remains lie in three groups : the Main Site consisting of the newly constructed Nirvana Temple which enshrines a colossal statue of the Buddha, in a reclining position. This statue was excavated in 1876 in a damaged conditioned and is known to have been established in the 15th century A.D. It is top tourist destination at Kushinagar.


  • tourist places to visit in Kuchinagar tourist attractionsThe Math Kaur Shrine has a 10th century blue schist image of the Buddha;


  • The third is the Rambhar Stupa or the Angar Chaitya , which is popularly known as the spot where Lord Buddha was cremated by the Mallas.


  • Besides, there is the Buddhist Temple, the Chinese Temple and the Tibetan Temple.

Come gently follow the path of the Pathgiver and pay your homage to the place where the Tathgata breathed his last, saying : ” Decay is inherent in all component things.”


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Best Places to Visit in Kushinagar
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