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7 Best Places to Visit in Pawapuri | Tourist Places in Pawapuri

Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri - Samosaran

Pawapuri or Pava is a holy site for Jains Pawapuri located in the Nalanda district in the Bihar state of Eastern India. It is located about nineteen kilometers from Rajgir and 101 kilometers from Patna, the capital of Bihar.

Details of Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri : –

Jal Mandir

Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri - Jal Mandir
Jal Mandir

A marble temple, the Jalmandir, was later built in the middle of the tank, and is now a major pilgrimage spot for Jains. Jal Mandir marks the spot where Lord Mahavira was cremated in Pawapuri. According to legend, there was a great rush among the gathered devotees to collect his ashes resulting in a lake being created in the hollow. The temple was built in the middle of this lake by King Nandivardhan. Surrounded by blooming lotuses the temple enshrines the “Charan Paduka” or holy sandals of Mahavira. It is built in the shape of a “Vimana” or palace and is connected to the mainland by a 600-ft long stone bridge. Apart from its immense religious significance, the temple is a beautiful structure with a tranquil and scenic setting. Jal Mandir is made in shape of Vimana. The sanctum of temple enshrines old “Charan Paduka” of Lord Mahavira.  Jal Mandir is top in the list of tourist places to visit in Pawapuri.


Gaon Mandir

Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri - Gaon Mandir
Gaon Mandir

Gaon Mandir or temple of the village is a spot where Lord Mahavira took his last breath. The temple of Gaon Mandir was constructed by King Nandivardhan, who was the elder brother of Lord Mahavira. Aware of his approaching end, Mahavira started preaching his last sermon and attained nirvana while in the midst of it. The devotees gathered there were so overcome with sorrow that they lighted earthen lamps with ghee to assuage their grief.The temple has a huge compound with a rest house for pilgrims. A stone memorial marks the restoration of Pawapuri in 1641 AD by the Swetamabri Sangh of Bihar under Acharya Jina Raja Suri. It is top in the list of tourist places to visit in Pawapuri.




Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri - Samosaran

There is a temple located in the vicinity to Jal temple named Samosaran, where the Lord Mahavira used to deliver sermon to his disciples. The place is famous as the site where he  preached in last days of his life. It is a temple made of white marble and in circular shape in the form beehive. The temple also contains the footprints of Lord Mahavira. Samosaran is another important temple located next to Jal Mandir in Pawapuri. According to Jain scriptures Lord Mahavira had preached several spiritual sermons known as Samsvaran after attaining Keval Gyan or Omniscience. Samosaran temple is situated at a site where one such important sermon had taken place, during the last days of Mahavira’s life. It is made of white marble and is circular in shape with a beehive-like structure. It is of immense significance to the Jain community as the footprints of Lord Mahavira are preserved here. It is top in the list of tourist places to visit in Pawapuri.



Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri - Gunayaji

Gunayaji is a small village on the Patna-Ranchi highway 20 kms. from Pawapuri . It is an important Jain pilgrim centre as the Shri Gunayaji Teerth temple is located here. The temple stands in the middle of the lake 3 kms. from Nawadah station. It is dedicated to the chief disciple of Lord Mahavira, Shri Gautam Swami Maharaj. He is believed to have achieved Kewal Gyan or Omnicience here. A 30 cms. tall white marble idol of Gautam Swamiji seated in the lotus pose is enshrined within the temple. It is also believed to be the site of the ancient Gunasheel Chaitya or virtuous home mentioned in the history of Rajgir where Mahavira had preached his doctrines several times. It is top in the list of tourist places to visit in Pawapuri.


Tourist Places to Visit Near Pawapuri

NALANDA (19 km)

Remains of Nalanda University
Remains of Nalanda University

Nalanda, renowned for its ancient monastic university, is a place hallowed by the memory of the Buddha. Nalanda university had 4 gates and at every gate the Janitor used to the an enlightened man who used to take interview before giving the permission to enter the campus of the university. At every gate there used to be the temple of Buddha. The temples floor was made by Mica stone and copper plate for light in the temple. The theory of reflection was used for the purpose. There was improved drainage system in the university. There were 52 lakes out of which 12 lakes have been found. Statues here were made of clay, lime and Shirki. The bricks used at the university has the dimension 12-8-2 inch. Nalanda is among top tourist places to visit in Bihar.



Rajgir (20 km)

Tourist places to visit in Rajgir, places to visit near Patna
Roapway, Rajgir

Rajgir is located in a verdant valley surronded by rocky hills. An aerial ropeway provides the link with a hill-top stupa “Peace Pagoda” built by the Japanese. On one of the hills in the cave of Saptparni, was held the first Buddhist Council. The Saptparni Cave is also the source of the Rajgir Hot Water Springs that have curative properties and are sacred to the Hindus.

Tourist Places to visit in Rajgir are Amaravana or Jivaka’s mango Garden, Venuvana, Ajatsatru’s Fort, Bimbisara’s Jail, Swarna Bhandar, cyclopean wall, Griddha kuta, or vulture’s peak, jain Temple, Hot Spring, Pippala cave, Malamasa Mela,  Rajgir Dance Festival. Rajgir is among top tourist places to visit in Bihar.


Bodhgaya (93 km)

Places to visit in Bodhgaya - Bodhi Tree - Tourist Places to Visit in India
Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya

Serene and quiet this tiny little village, holiest among holy places is Bodhgaya, where the quest of Prince Siddharth was fulfilled after years of seeking the truth and saga of Buddha began. He attained the supreme enlightened and became ‘The Buddha’, the enlighten one. Thus Buddhism was born here under the Peepal tree. The prince had been wandering in search of supreme peace for long six years hither and thither. But it was at Bodhgaya only where his holy mission was achieved.

Tourist places to visit in Bodhgaya are Bodhi Tree, mahabodhi Temple, Vajrasana, Ancient Railings, Chankaramana, Animeshlochana, Ratnagar, lotus tank, tibetan monastery, Buddha Jayanti, Pitra Paksh Tarpan. Bodhgaya is among top tourist places to visit in Bihar.


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General Information

  • Temperature (Max./Min.) Deg C: Max. 40/Min. 20 Winter-Max. 28 Min. 6
  • Rainfall:186 cms (Mid-June to Mid-September)
  • Best Season: October to March.


How To Reach Pawapuri

Air: The nearest airport is at Patna 101 kms. Indian Airlines connect Patna to Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, Ranchi and Lucknow.

Rail: Though Rajgir itself has a railway station yet the nearest convenient railhead is at Patna 90.kms.

Road: A taxi or bus can be taken from Patna, Rajgir, Gaya or other major cities of Bihar to visit Pawapuri.

Local Auto or taxi is best way to go to different places to visit in Pawapuri.

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Tourist Places to visit in Pawapuri, Bihar
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