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Places to visit near Bhubaneswar, Weekend Getaways Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswat tourist places to visit near Bhubaneswar Sightseeing - Anti Spring

Places to visit near Bhubaneswar of tourist attraction are Pipli, Atri Spring, Yogini temple, Balasore, Chandipur, Cuttack, Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri and Udaigiri.

Tourist Places to Visit near Bhubaneswar : –

Pipli 29 km

On the main road to Konark, this small village is the only place in Orissa where appliqué work is done. Bright colours are used for the background cloth and the motifs, which are stitched on by means of needle embroidery. Many workshops cum shops line the roadside from where visitors can watch the craft in progress as well as make a purchase. Garden umbrellas, wall hangings, cushion covers are some of the articles.

Atri Spring 42 km

Bhubaneswat tourist places to visit near Bhubaneswar Sightseeing - Anti Spring
Anti Spring

Hot sulphur springs are noted for their curative properties. A bathing complex has been constructed for the convenience of the visitors. Near the springs is famous Hatakeswara Temple.





Yogini Temple 15 km

One of the five Yogni temples in the country, it is located in Hirapur village on the road to Puri.The temple is noted for 64 beautifully carved Yogni images of black chlorite stone.


district headquaters town of Balasore was an important maritime centre in medieval times. Parts of the town were under French and Dutch occupation, traces of which still exist.

Serene Hills 97 km.

Bhubaneswat tourist places to visit near Bhubaneswar Sightseeing - Udaygiri

The three hills of Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri and Udaigiri are a part of an ancient Buddhist complex. The university of Pusgpagiri which once flourished here was visited by Hieun Tsang , the 7th century AD Chinese chronicler.
Excavation in the area have yielded many sculptures of Post-Gupta periods, including a 3 metre high image of Lokeshwar which has 8th century AD inscription on it.
A number of Buddhist structure and images were also excavated from brick mounds on top of Lalitgiri Hill.


Places around Balasore
Chandipur(16 km.)

A seaside resort with one of the finest beaches in the country. The water of the bays are shallow and recede to 5 km away from tide.
An excursion into the sea is possible with fishermen.

Accommodation facilities:
Panthanivas (OTDC) :
and private hotels at Chandipur
Private hotels at Balasore

Cuttack 32 km

One of the finest town of Orissa and its capital in the middle age, Cuttack is virtually an island surrounded as it is with rivers except for a narrow strip of land.
A stone embankment on the Kathajuri river built in the 11th century AD by a king of the Kesari dynasty, is an engineering marvel and still withstand the fury of the river in floods.
The shrine of the Kadam Rasul, in the centre of the town contains some holy relics of prophet Muhammad which were brought from Mecca.


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Places to visit near Bhubaneswar, Weekend Getaways Bhubaneswar
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